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Rory Weiner is a Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator,  Please call the office at 813-681-3300 to inquire on availability and scheduling.
Naturally, no one likes to think about the 
unpleasant legalities of small business, especially when he 
or she is in the first flush of success. However, an ounce of 
prevention is definitely worth the proverbial pound of cure. 
Taking action by establishing a relationship with a small 
business attorney will give your business the legal edge 
necessary to compete in today’s marketplace

At Rory B. Weiner, P.A.our law firm focuses on the legal needs 
and aspirations of small business owners and their families. 
Whether you are thinking of starting (or buying) a new business, 
growing your business, or selling (and exiting) your business, 
our firm has the personnel and resources to advise you. 
All small businesses need a legal edge.  Your hard work, 
passion and inspiration are the cornerstones to having an 
edge in today’s marketplace. 

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Rory B. Weiner, P.A.  is a  law office practicing Business Law, Civil Litigation, 
Real Estate Law, Closing Services, Probate and Wills & Trusts.  

Our Law Firm office is located in Brandon, Florida at the Lumsden Executive Park.

We also represent clients in Riverview, Apollo Beach, Seffner, Valrico, New Tampa, 
South Tampa and the surrounding Tampa Bay Area
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Rory B. Weiner, P.A.    
Welcome to Rory B. Weiner, P.A.
Welcome to Rory B. Weiner, P.A.Welcome to Rory B. Weiner, P.A.Welcome to Rory B. Weiner, P.A.
Welcome to Rory B. Weiner, P.A.
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